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Struggling to grow a following on Instagram?  Tired of not getting any comments, let alone sales, and feeling like you’re just wasting your time? (sigh)

We’ve helped clients grow from 2-22K followers in just 1 year!

Another client went from an average of 10 comments per post to over 70 comments per post!

ALL by utilizing our intelligent strategies!


  • Anyone who already has an Instagram page created
  • Anyone who wants to grow their Instagram engagement and sales

  • Anyone who wants to get more organic followers


  • Anyone who is a beginner and just starting out on Instagram

  • Anyone who does not understand the basics of Instagram, this is a more advanced course.

  • Anyone who wants a quick overnight fix (this requires time and effort)


  • How to Stop Scrambling Last Minute & Start Strategizing 

  • How to Actually Grow Your Following & Engagement to get sales

  • Where to pull photos and content because HELLO- who has time to do photoshoots every day?!?

  • How to Plan Your Feed to Look Cohesive, Beautiful, & On Brand in under 18 mins/day

  • Hashtag Strategies to Get you Found

  • How to Craft Compelling Captions & CTA’s that Get Comments

  • How to get anywhere from 200-2,000 ORGANIC TARGETED followers per month!! Yes, No fake followers here!

  • How to Extract Emails from your Followers

  • Affordable Options to Hire Help

  • And so much MORE!


Over 2 Hours of Jam-Packed Valuable Information, We Don’t Waste Any Time!

Over 11 Cheatsheets, Templates, etc to Guide you Along the Way Including:

  • Post & Layout Strategy

  • 45 Ready To Use Captions

  • Crafting Compelling Captions

  • 75 Done for You CTA’s

  • Hashtags- Where to Find ‘Em and How to Use ‘Em

  • 10 Tips to Posting

  • Stories, IGTV, Live Tips

  • 6 Types of Proactive Engagement

  • And MORE!

Unlimited Lifetime Access to All of the Content!


  • Are the classes live or recorded?

    These are recorded classes which we’ve found our clients love because you have the chance to go at your own pace and watch them over and over again!

  • How long do I have to watch the recorded classes?

    You will have lifetime access to the recordings. So if you missed something or forgot, no worries! The information is there for you when you are ready!

  • What if I don’t live in the U.S.?

    This information will apply to anyone in any country.

  • What if my product is not fashion related?

    No worries! You can apply this info to almost any type of Instagram account!

  • Is this class included in the Fashion Startup Intensive Course?

    No, this class is NOT included in our Fashion Startup Intensive.

  • Can I get a refund for this course?

    Unfortunately all digital products are non-refundable.

Now You Could Choose to do Nothing and Hope That You Magically Get More Followers and Engagement on Instagram


You Could Choose to Have an Expert Explain Exactly How to Grow Your Tribe AND Get Those People to BUY so You Can Wake up Each Morning to Cha-Ching in Your Inbox!

Don’t just sit back and wait for people to spontaneously come to your Instagram!!



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