Go From Online Dabbler to Online PRO!!

Do you feel clueless when it comes to Digital Marketing? Are you struggling to increase your online sales?

Sure you have an e-commerce store, social, and email but the truth is, they may not actually be set up properly to convert those potential customers into buyers!

Imagine tweaking a few small things and getting tons of sales in your inbox the very next day!

Why not wake up to an inbox full of sales?!? Join Our Online Sales Intensive Program Today! Start hearing Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching!!

I've helped brands more than DOUBLE their online sales, increase their social media following from 2-22k IN JUST 1 YEAR, DOUBLE their online traffic, INCREASE their E-commerce optimization to 6% conversion (average is 1-3%), and more and I can't wait to do the same for you!

What You'll Get 

  • 5 Class Modules: 9 hours total, Lifetime Access 
  • Over 65 "Done-For-You" Cheat sheets: Templates, Checklists & Scripts to guide you along the way 
  • Contact lists for Celebs, Bloggers, Stylists, Fashion Magazine Editors and more!

TOTAL VALUE = $2,800

Module #1: Mastering Digital Marketing:

Increase Traffic to your Online Store


  • How to Build an Online Store that Sells!

  • 25 things to post on social media WITHOUT even having a product!

  • How to PROPERLY Build Your Website Including Keyword Research and Website Building Checklist

  • How to Write an EFFECTIVE Blog Post and 7 Places to Post it!

  • 12 Ways to grow a MASSIVE Email List!

  • Live E-Commerce Audit

  • Logos, Taglines, Business set up logistics, and MORE!


Over 2.5 Hours of Jam-Packed Information, We Don't Waste Any of Your Time!

Over 21 "Done-For-You" Cheatsheets, Templates, & Scripts, etc. to Guide you Along the Way Including:

  • Social Media Post Ideas

  • Questions to ask a Social Media Strategist

  • How to Write Titles/Subtitles/Meta Descriptions/Alt. Tags Cheatsheet

  • Website Layout Example

  • Website Layout Building Checklist

  • Blog Post Ideas

  • Blog Writing Checklist

  • 12 Ways to grow a MASSIVE Email List

Valued at $600

*This is C3 of our FSI

A student actually got on the 1ST PAGE OF GOOGLE after watching this class!

Module #2: How to Drive Traffic Online

& Boost Sales


  • 8 ways to drive TARGETED traffic to your online store

  • 12 Ways to Boost Sales by CONVERTING that Traffic into Paying Customers

  • The #1 Way to Get Your Site on 1st Page of Google WITHOUT Paying for Ads

  • LIVE Demos of How to Use Instagram and Google Analytics

  • How Much Your Email List is REALLY Worth

  • How to Increase Sales in ONLY 15-25 mins per day on Instagram

  • A Sneak Peak at the Backend of My Business 

  • 6 Ways to Get Your Blog Done WITHOUT Even Writing Anything!

  • And so much MORE!


Over 2 Hours of Jam-Packed Valuable Information, We Don’t Waste Any Time!

Over 11 Cheatsheets, Templates, etc to Guide you Along the Way Including:

  • 8 Ways to Drive Traffic Online

  • 8 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic

  • 12 Ways to Increase Sales Online

  • 4 Backlink Strategies

  • 8 SEO Tips for Blogging

  • 10 How to Write GREAT Titles/Subtitles/Meta Descriptions/Alt tags cheatsheet

  • Blog Writing Checklist

  • 15 Blog Post Ideas

  • And MORE!

Valued at over $500

*This is C10 of our FSI

One student implemented just ONE strategy that she learned in this class and made $2,000 in 1 Hour!


Module #3: E-Commerce Holiday Sale Strategy


  • The Proper Length of Time to Run a Sale

  • When to Start Promoting it to Build Urgency

  • Email and Social Media Marketing Action Plans

  • How to Increase your AOV (Average Order Value)

  • How to Create Coupon Codes and Install Them On your Shopify and Woocommerce Website

  • How to Use Tracking Links to Track Conversions

  • How to Calculate the Proper Discount to Maximize Profit

  • Live Q&A with Preferred Shopify Partner!
  • And so much MORE!

...By the end you’ll walk away with a step by step checklist to making at least $3,500+ from your next Holiday Sale!


Over 1.5 Hours of Jam-Packed Valuable Information, We Don’t Waste Any Time! Over 13 Cheatsheets, Templates, etc to Guide you Along the Way Including:

  • 6 Discount Options & Which is the BEST

  • 9 Tricks to Increase AOV

  • 16 Email Headlines to Steal

  • Step by Step Email Marketing Action Plan

  • 10 Social Media Captions to Steal

  • Step by Step Social Media Action Plan

  • Complete A-Z Checklist on Sale Process

  • And MORE!

Valued at over $400

*This is C11 of our FSI

One student's email sales INCREASED 2.5x over the previous year!

Are you ready to make your vision a reality?

Module #4: Intelligent Instagram


  • How to Stop Scrambling Last Minute & Start Strategizing

  • How to Actually Grow Your Following & Engagement to Get Sales

  • Where to pull photos and content because HELLO- who has time to do photoshoots every day?!?

  • How to Plan Your Feed to Look Cohesive, Beautiful, & On Brand in under 18 mins/day

  • Hashtag Strategies to Get Your Found

  • How to Craft Compelling Captions & CTA's that Get Comments

  • How to Get Anywhere from 200-2,000 ORGANIC TARGETED followers per month!! Yes, No Fake Followers Here!

  • How to Extract Emails from your Followers

  • Affordable Options to Hire Help
  • And so much MORE!


Over 2 Hours of Jam-Packed Valuable Information, We Don’t Waste Any Time! 

Over 11 Cheatsheets, Templates, etc to Guide you Along the Way Including:

  • Post & Layout Strategy

  • 45 Ready to Use Captions

  • Crafting Compelling Captions

  • 75 Done for you CTA's

  • Hashtags- Where to Find Them & How to Use Them

  • 10 Tips to Posting

  • Stories, IGTV, Live Tips

  • 6 Types of Proactive Engagement

  • And MORE!

Valued at over $500

*This is C12 of our FSI

One of our students went from an average of 10 comments per post to 70-100 comments per post on Instagram! THAT’S WHAT WE CALL ENGAGEMENT!

This Course was even featured in WWD!

Module #5: PR Like a Boss


  • 16 Free & Low-Cost PR Tips

  • How to Pitch to Journalists so they ACTUALLY respond

  • The 3 Keys to Finding the Right Influencer for Your Brand

  • The SECRET to Finding out if an Influencer's Followers are Fake

  • My 5 Step Process to get Celebs to wear your product WITHOUT paying for expensive PR!

  • Live interview with influencer marketing coach

  • Live interview with designer from exclusive PR Showroom in NYC

  • And so much MORE!


Over 1 Hour of Jam-Packed Information, We Don't Waste Any of Your Time! 

Over 18 "Done-For-You" Cheatsheets, Templates, etc. to Guide you Along the Way Including:

  • Gateway Email Templates & Phone Scripts

  • 5 Steps to Get Celeb PR

  • 9 Types of Influencer Campaigns

  • 6 Ways to Reach Out to an Influencer Cheatsheet

  • 16 Free & Lost-Cost PR Cheatsheet

  • Contact Email Lists of over 175 Top Magazines, Stylists, & Editors (including Elle, Allure, Fortune magazine and more!)

  • Contact Email List of over 50 of the Top Fashion Bloggers (including The Blonde Salad, Man Repeller, and more!)

  • 100 Top Celeb Contact List (includes managers and publicists of celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Whitherspoon, Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Rihanna, and MORE!)

  • And MORE!

Valued at Over $500

*This is C9 of our FSI

After watching this course, one student got her handbag in the hands of 2 A-LIST CELEBS!


All for the one time only price of $599!

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  • How are the classes delivered?

    Once you register you will create a unique login to our course membership portal. All videos and cheatsheets are accessible via the course portal.

  • How long is enrollment open for the class?

    Great question! Enrollment is only open til the end of this month and we only plan to run this program 3 times per year!

  • I'm a boutique retailer who is just looking to make more sales online. Will this work for me?

    Absolutely, you don’t have to be selling your own fashion line to be able to apply these principles.

  • Are the classes live or recorded?

    These are recorded classes which we've found our clients love because you have the chance to go at your own pace and watch them over and over again!

  • What if I don't have the money right now?

    Please email us to discuss other options

  • What if I already purchased some of these courses, can I still get in the OSI and the bonuses?

    Please note the modules in this Intensive are the same as C3, 9,10,11 and 12 of our Fashion Startup Intensive. Please email us info@fashionangelwarrior.com so we can deduct what you already spent so you can get in the program!

  • How long do I have to watch the recorded classes?

    You will have a lifetime to watch the recordings. So, if you missed something or forgot, no worries! The information is there for you when you are ready!

  • What if I don’t live in the U.S.?

    Yes, you can take it from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet!

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yes, but we do have a very strict refund policy! I believe in this course so much that I'm willing to give you your money back BUT ONLY if after 14 days of taking the classes you don't see the value. AND you must do the work. You must watch the first two classes and email the homework within the 14 days. I only want to have those that are willing to put in the time and effort take this course. You can't benefit from something if you don't do the work required.

View our Refund Policy + More Questions Here

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